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Accessor, browser and user of this website, are supposed to be agree and are bound by the terms and conditions detailed herein, referred to as "our terms and conditions". Furthermore, you fully agree to comply with the relevant applicable laws and regulations. All main applicants, who are filling in their own e Visa application form will be referred to as “the applicant".

  • While using this Website necessary information such as name, address, passport detail, payment mode phone number, are recorded as personnel details in the database of this website.
  • Details of the applicant is safe and securely saved in the database of this website.This details are never exposed or shared with any third party.
  • In case of any issue, the decesion taken by Indianevisaservice.com will the final and all the applicant are bount to accept it.
  • Make sure that you (applicant) provide the correct information about you, in case of any mismatch, website is not responsible further for any answer.


  • eVisa fee of "indianevisaservice.com" is 130 USD (INR8500 approx) for normal processing which must be paid before 4 day prior to travel date or your visa application will not be processed.
  • Government of India reserves all the right to make any changes in fee and need without any propr notice, "indianevisaservice.com" is not responsible for any such changes made by the government of the India.
  • The approval of evisa, or rejection of evisa totally depends on decision of government immagration department, your application may get rejected by them, in this case be informed that the "indianevisaservice.com" is not liable to provide any reason. Application fee is non-refundable in any case of rejection or any other reason.
  • The issuance of the visa is subject to the rules of Government of India and they have all the rights to make any changes where the applicant may suffer a loss or damages arising from delay in processing or receiving of evisa. In this case "indianevisaservice.com" is not responsible for any such losses.
  • In case of any issue arised related fee payment, the decesion of the indianevisaservice.com will be the final and all the applicants are bound to accept it.
  • The passport holder of Sri lanka and china are informed that the delivery of the evisa for their application is 5 to 10 working days.
  • The "indianevisaservice.com " reserves all the right to make any changes in the above terms according to the need of the company without any prior notice.
  • Our Processing of Application starts once you pay the visa fee, afterwards you cannot get any refund in any case.
  • We are 24x7 available for your support in case of any further query you can contact us by email, phone call, or whats app.

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